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Are you ready to get your blues on?

"It's been quite fun at times and I really enjoy
designing and managing ChronicJester.com"-BL

The Music Business
"Blue Lew's Rhythm & Dues" consists of Blue Lew Hogue, Nora Wixted-Hogue, Jim Remsburg and Ed Jones. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have, Smilin' Fritz and/or Craig Terry join us on stage.
We've been rehearsing some funky/bluesy new original tunes and are refreshing our minds on some old classic ones that we have played together for years. We are still looking for the perfect new home for the weekly Sunday Beachcomber Jam but we look forward to sharing some great tunes and good times with all our friends, fans and jammers until then, wherever that may be!
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"Contact Us if you'd like to Book Us, find out more about The Beachcomber Jam, or if you just want to say hello."

The Web Design Business
"Web Design By Blue Lew" has really taken off and we are learning more every day! First and foremost, how to get the search engines to read, recognize and rank our pages high while using meaningful content and updating our sites frequently/daily. It does work...
To learn more send email to bluelew@bluelew.com or call 850-687-1759. I look forward to hearing from you!